Sometimes i think back on countless times

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I Think
On Countless Times
You Have Melted My
With Silly Conundrums
Or Wise Cracks
Called Sarcasm
Afraid To Admit
When You Are Wrong
But Never
Had Too Much Pride
To Admit
When You’ve
Been Wrongly Mistakened
A Man
With Integrity
And An Ambitious
Goes For The Gold
Whether It Takes
Miles Of Traveling
You Never Was
The Quitting Type
That Probably Explains
How You Got Me
And Captured
Me In Your
Of Tranquility
And Relaxation
I Dont
Take This Love
I Honor It
And Cherish It
With A Respectful
And A Caring Heart
If I Was Too
Ever Hurt You
I Dont Think
Your Pain
Would Be As Unbearable
Than Mine
Since I Am
A Person
Who Loves To
And Loves
To Gain
Others Hearts
I Treat Love
As A Blessingqa
Because It Showers
Down On Mea
Everyday That I Live