Someday i would want to go back

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Someday I Would Want To Go Back To Those Days,
Where I Had A Bit More Time At The End Of Each Day
The Time We Friends Used To Sit On The Streets
Pulling Legs, Cracking Jokes, Watching Birds
The Way They Used To Pull Me,
And I Despite Of Flaming Inside Behaved As Nothing Happened…
Someday I Wud Want To Be A Kid Again,
Playing In The Park Which Was The Muddiest
Cycling On The Street Where All The Water Had Filled
Running To Catch The Kite On The Neighbour’s Roof
Bunking The Tuitions Playing Cricket, Volleyball
On Being Tired, Putting The Head On My Mom’s Lap
And Just Close My Eyes To This World.
But Dont Ask Me To Go Back To Those Exam Days
The Ring Of That Alarm Still Haunts Me
Someday I Wud Want To Take Some Time Out For Myself,
Wud Plan A Better Start To A Day, Rather Than Just Waking Up And Running To Office,
A Better End To The Day, Than Leaving Some Coding In Between,
And Dreaming About That Only
I Wud Just Not Go To Work Some Day
Without Having To Expalin To Neone, Without Some Work, Just For Fun
Some Other Day, I Wud Want To Be That Young At Heart Again
The Eyes Wud Glitter At The Sight Of A New Face,
That Nervousness In Starting A Converstaion,
That Concern About The Hairstyle And Clothing
Someday, I Wud Again Flaunt My 32 Again,
Without Caring Who’s Gonna Mind, Who’s Not
Escape Boss’ Eyes To Install A Messenger,
Start Conferences On Yahoo And Msn
But Then After That Day, I Wud Come Back To This Life Of Mine
As A Lot Of Hardwork Has Gone Into Earning This Too
This Is Where I Always Wanted To Be,
And Still There Is Distance To Be Covered
I’ll Keep Moving On
Thou I Wud Want Some More Time In A Day,
So That I Can Sleep More And Not Yawn In The Office