So this is it dont think im

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So This Is It,
Don-‘t Think I-‘m Badly Hit
I Still Know What To Do
And Yes, I Can Live Without You
I-‘m Letting You Go
Goodbye And Thank You.

But As You Walk Away From Me
Don-‘t Look Back; I Don-‘t Want You To See
The True Feelings That I Have, The Real Me
I Want You To Think That I-‘m Fine
That I-‘m Not Feeling Any Pain
That I-‘m Really All Right
And I Will Never Cry.
But Deep Inside Of My Heart
I Was Hurt, It Really Hurt.
I Feel So Sorry For Myself
And I Really Can-‘t Accept
This Is The Hardest Thing That I Ever Did
Pretending That I-‘m Not That Weak
And Now That You-‘re Gone
Everything Has Been Done
What Can O Do?
Where Can I Go?
Now That Thing Is Not The Same Anymore,
My Life What For?