She loves endless moonlit drives and slow

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She loves endless moonlit drives, and slow dances,
Star-watching and drawn-out lovemaking.
She loves long walks on the beach and hand-holding.
Watching movies, your arm on her shoulder.
Kisses. She loves stolen kisses dear.
A kiss on top of the bridge at Central Park.
Do not give her flowers on Valentines Day.
Give her roses throughout year, yes dear, roses.
Surprises. She loves them.
Needs them like water for chocolate.
She wants to be kept on her toes, wondering whats next.
She loves to smile. Make her smile, make her laugh.
She will smile at the thought that you want that smile. Need it.
Kisses at night and kisses in the morning when she wakes.
Bear hugs. Give them before she asks.
Not because you have to, but because you want to.
She will know the difference dear.
Joking about it will break her heart.
She wants to feel beautiful to you.
One look across a crowded room, one smile.
Leaves her breathless. She knows, she always knows.
She wants to be cherished, adored.
She needs to be loved like a woman should be loved.
Cross the bridge dear, love her and she will give you her world.
by xianghua71‚