See something that is bright like small

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See Something That Is Bright
Like Small Patches Of The Light
Or May Be It Is Just A Dream
Very Real And Soft As A Cream
Where Moments Are Dipped In Fain
And There Is No Sign Of Pain

Where Everything Is Full Of Delight
And There Its All Day No Night
Or May Be I Should Say My Dear
It Is A Fairy Tale Of Cheer
Where Only Good Things Survive
And Show No Sign Of Of A Bitter Life
And There I Enjoy Everything
Moving To And Fro With Joy’s Ring
And I See Everything Dip In Fain
And Showing No Sign Of Any Pain
Just Like All The Good In Fairy Tales
Where Joy Cannot Be Measured In Scale
Because Everywhere It Is Light
And Everything Is Shining Bright
And I Wish If I Can Forever Stay
In This Imaginary World’s Day
Where Everything Is Happy And Rare
And Like A Fairy Tale Of Cheer.
Seema Chowdhury