Remebering the times spent together when we

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Remebering The Times Spent Together,
When We Used To Talk Almost Everyday.
Those Memories Flash Across My Mind
Each Second As If It Was Just Yesterday.
Whenever I Needed You My Dear Sister,
To Help Me Out, You Were Always Here.
You Never Let Me Feel Sad And Alone &
Fixed My Problems With Love And Care.
Now I Miss You Each And Every Second,
I Am Unable To Put A Smile On My Face.
I Look For You, In The Things Around Me,
All The Time I’m Trying To Find Your Trace.
I Am Not With You To Show My Affection,
To Wipe Away Your Tears, When You Cry.
Neither I’m There To Offer My Protection,
That Makes Me Sad, As Time Passes By.
I Wish I Could Give You A Brother’s Hug,
To Show You How Much I Truly Love You.
I Want To Tell You How Much I Miss You,
Every Passing Second In Everything I Do.
Sister, My Love For You Will Never Fade,
Even If I Do Not Spend My Time With You,
Doesn’t Matter If I Meet You Or Not,
Your Brother’s Love Will Always Be True.
More Than A Poem Can Ever Reveal And
More Than These Words Can Ever Say.
My Love For You Grows More And More,
With Each Moment That Is Passing Away.
And If I Am Not Here With You Tomorrow,
There’s Something I Want You To Know,
That My Love For You Is So Deep And True,
It’ll Always Be There Even If I Never Show.