Remebering the times spent together when we

Remebering The Times Spent Together,
When We Used To Talk Almost Everyday.
Those Memories Flash Across My Mind
Each Second As If It Was Just Yesterday.
Whenever I Needed You My Dear Sister,
To Help Me Out, You Were Always Here.
You Never Let Me Feel Sad And Alone &
Fixed My Problems With Love And Care.
Now I Miss You Each And Every Second,
I Am Unable To Put A Smile On My Face.
I Look For You, In The Things Around Me,
All The Time I’m Trying To Find Your Trace.
I Am Not With You To Show My Affection,
To Wipe Away Your Tears, When You Cry.
Neither I’m There To Offer My Protection,
That Makes Me Sad, As Time Passes By.
I Wish I Could Give You A Brother’s Hug,
To Show You How Much I Truly Love You.
I Want To Tell You How Much I Miss You,
Every Passing Second In Everything I Do.
Sister, My Love For You Will Never Fade,
Even If I Do Not Spend My Time With You,
Doesn’t Matter If I Meet You Or Not,
Your Brother’s Love Will Always Be True.
More Than A Poem Can Ever Reveal And
More Than These Words Can Ever Say.
My Love For You Grows More And More,
With Each Moment That Is Passing Away.
And If I Am Not Here With You Tomorrow,
There’s Something I Want You To Know,
That My Love For You Is So Deep And True,
It’ll Always Be There Even If I Never Show.

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