Reality strikes time to let you go

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Reality strikes, time to let you go
No more pain, tears or sorrow
Crooked smile‚  forever be told
There may not be a tomorrow
In your future, a dark yet secure place
I shall move on,and forget your face
Your eyes, your tears
All of the years
Lesson learned
Can you figure this out?
Left or right turn?
A life of guilt and regrets
that’s the future that awaits you
I shouldn’t sit and watch
pretend that there is fruition
You closed all the windows
I opened some doors
I am still suffocating
crawling on the floor
no room to breathe
looking for a way out
Can you see how much i loved you?
or do you still have doubts?
Tonight came an angel
wings lifted me up
opened the windows you had closed shut
whispered in my ears
told me i could fly again
said “I love you dear”
I reflected on the past
how you were always there
accepted that fact
you just didn’t care
Willing to climb any mountain
battle an unknown world
you weren’t willing, truth be told
Memories of us
I was your Dancer
Reality kicks in
I have found your answer
by fmnnbeauty