Please don8217t rain on me i have

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Please Don’t Rain On Me
I Have Enough Misery
Perhaps My Debt Is Not Paid
But I Will Never Give That Away
It’s Torture Can’t You See
That Whole Other Side To Me
I Want To Be A Water Spout
Freely Letting It All Flow Out
Instead Of Seeing Trash Mildew And Goo
We Saw The Water Wash It Away
Reliving Life A Better Way
Knowing Things Will Be Okay
But Instead I’m More Like The Trash Can
Sitting There For Somebody To Throw Their Trash In
Don’t Touch Me You Must Think
I Might Make Your Little World Stink
Filling Up And Overflowing
Walk A Wide Berth
Don’t Take The Risk Of Getting Muck On Your Shirt
Its Piled Up Here, Or So It Would Apear
Please Don’t Rain On Me
I Have Enough Misery
The Only Thing Worse That I Can See
Is To Be Completely Washed Away