Our love lasted forever but forevers come

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Our Love Lasted Forever
But Forevers Come And Go
And I-‘ll Stop Loving You Never
I Just Wanted To Let You Know
Our Love Was Never-Ending
But Our Love Somehow Died
We Lived On Angels’ Wings
But Even Angels Have Cried
I Loved You So Much
But I Had To Let You Go
I Still Long For Your Touch
I Just Wanted You To Know
Our Love Was So Strong
And You Know That It Was True
But Something Just Went Wrong
And We Didn-‘t Make It Through
Dreams Of Being Together For Always
Now I Know They Won-‘t Come True
Wanted To Be With You For All Days
But Now I-‘m Left In The Blue
Now We Are Apart
But I Still Love You So
I Would Never Change My Heart
I Just Wanted To Let You Know
Our Love Was So Sweet
We Were The Perfect Pair
You Made My Life Complete
I Want So Much To Have You Here
Our Love Was So Great
You Told Me To Take It Slow
I Remember Our First Date
I Just Wanted To Let You Know
You Were The Girl Of My Dreams
So I Always Treated You Right
There Were Bad Times, It Seemed
But I Always Held You Tight
-ŗeternity- Was What You Promised
But All Your Words Were Empty
I Long For One Last Kiss
Just So I-‘m Set Free
You Said You Would Love Me
But All Your Words Were Lies
Now I Can Finally See
But I Still Wonder Why
So What Happened To Our Love
Why Aren-‘t We Together Now
We Were Blessed By Angels And Doves
So How Did God Allow
Forever Isn’t Measured By Time
It’s Measured By One-‘s Love
Up Mountains I Would Climb
But I Never Found Anything Up Above
We Promised We Would Love Each Other
And Everyday Our Love Would Grow
But Somehow You Found Another
I Still Think About Our Love…
…I Just Wanted You To Know