One day a single tear rolled down

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One Day, A Single Tear Rolled Down My Cheek
Curious, I Asked -ŗtear, Why Did You Leave My Eyes?-
And The Tear Replied -ŗyou Caused Me To-
-ŗbut How?- I Asked Confused
-ŗyou Remembered Him- The Tear Merely Replied
It Dawned On Me What The Tear Was Saying
I Had Been Remembering Those Times
Those Times When Everything Was In Bliss
He Was With Me, Filling My Life With Radiance
The Stars Were In My Lap
The Moon Was A Friend Of Mine
I Still Remember Those Nights-Â…
When He And I-Â…we Would Gaze At The Moon
I Still Remember Those Kisses-Â…
That He Would Softly Place
His Every Touch Starting A Swirl Of Emotions
I Still Remember His Soft, Brown Hair-Â…
And The Way I Used To Lovingly Run My Hand Through It
I Still Remember That Promise He Made-Â…
To Never Leave My Side-Â…to Always Be There
I Still Remember The Love We Shared-Â…
But Now-Â….Those Memories Are All I Live By
For His Words Still Echo In My Ears
For My Arms Still Yearn For Him
For My Lips Still Remember His Soft Ones
And Remembering This-Â…another Tear Slid Down My Cheek
I Caught It Just Before It Fell To The Floor
-ŗsorry About That- I Said
-Å—just Keep Going. Separating From Us Isn-‘t Going To Help
Save Us Tears-…he Is Not Worth Us- The Tear Replied
Oh But He Is-…he Is- I Whispered I Value My Tears
For They Have Been With Me All My Life
They Have Cried With Me When No One Else Has
And With These Tears Have Come Many A Hand
To Wipe Them Away Comfortingly
I Value My Tears They Have Formed A Sea Of Love
They Have Always Been Sympathetic
I Value My Tears They Remind Me Of The Smallest Moments
That You And I Had Together
I Value My Tears For They Remind Me Of You