Oh god please don8217t let me get

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Oh God Please Don’t Let Me Get In To Deep,
Unless It’s Something I’m Allowed To Keep.
He’s Starting To Mean So Much To Me,
How Can I Show Him,How Can I Make Him See?
I Don’t Want To Open Up And Get Hurt Again,
I Don’t Want To Go Back To Those Horrible Places I’ve Been.
He Came So Fast, I Didn’t See It Coming,
In My Eyes He’s Definatley Worth Loving.
He’s Like A Breath Of Fresh Air,
Not Being With Him Is Too Much To Bear.
There’s Not A Day That Goes By That
He’s Not In My Thoughts,
Just Thinking Of Him Ties My Stomach Up In Knots.
The Touch Of His Hand Sends Chills Up My Spine,
I Can’t Belive I’m With Him, I Can’t Believe He’s Mine.
So How Do I Tell Him? Please Tell Me What To Say,
How Do I Tell Him I Fell In Love With Him Today?
By Krista835