My sweet love please don8217t put me

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My Sweet Love Please Don’t Put Me Out Of Your Life
I Still Love You-I Want You To Be My Future Wife
Cherishing The Rest Of My Life With You Is A Dream Come True
Because I’d Get Spend Every Single Moment With You
I Realize I Didn’t Know What I Had ‘Til You Were Gone
But I Know I Always Had That Feeling Inside Me Going On
Not A Moment In My Life Goes Without You In My Head
My ‘Life Partner’ Forever, Is What You Always Said
I Did Many Things Wrong When I Was With You And I Know It
But I Truly Have Changed And You Have To Let Me Show It
My Life Is Nothing, Because You’re Not Here With Me
I Want To Show You So Many Things That You Need To See
If Being With You Is A Dream, Then I’m Living A Nightmare
Because Being Without You Is Giving Me Such A Big Scare
I’m Sorry About The Way I Treated You, It’s Like I Was Possessed
Or It Could Be That I Love You So Much And I’m Obsessed
Just Think About Those Beautiful Moments We Had Together
We Both Always Knew That We Would Last Forever
I Know We Still Can, I Just Need Another Chance
Every Single Second We Could Have The Best Romance
I Regret What I’ve Done-They’re The Worst Things I Could Do
You’re The Sweetest Girl In The World And I Took Advantage Of You
I Swear To You This Situation Has Changed Me
I Want Back In Your Heart So Please Please Give Me The Key
How Am I Supposed To Show You If You Won’t Even Talk
I Finally Confront You But All You Can Do Is Walk
I Want To Kiss You’re Sweet Soft Lips Once Again
But All I Can Really Do Is Wonder When