My secret love i8217ve sat alone a

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My Secret Love I’ve Sat Alone A Million Times
While Listening To Midnights Dulcet Tones
Cried With The Pounding Of The Waves Below
I’ve Bathed Alone In Moonlights Creamy Glow
Secret Passions Of You Stirring Deep Within
Burning Up My Heart And Soul Like A Wicked Sin
The Thought Of You Brings Desires From The Deep
Knowing You Don’t Feel The Same I Begin To Weep

The Candles Dancing Flame Begins To Loose Its Glow
As I Wonder When Rejections Pain Will Finally Go
I Hear The Solemn Chimes Again For Midnight
The Stars Above Like Diamonds Sparkle Bright
I Can Only Dream Of You Again This Lonely Night
To See Your Smile, Kiss Your Lips Hold You Tight
How I Hate This Wicked Feeling Of Unrequited Love
Deaths Release I Pray Dear God Take Me High Above
But He Does Not Answer Me Each Time I Ask
When I See You, Ill Hide Behind The Friendship Mask
I Want To Tell You How I Feel But I’m To Scared To Tell
If You Say No I’d Die Of Shame And So I Live In Hell
The Velvet Petals Of The Rose Clasped Tight Among The Thorns
You Angel Of Mine Could Take My Devil By The Horns
Passions Demons Swell And Burn Me To The Core
I Love You Its Hurts Me So, But I Crave You More
In The Sunrises Redden Burning Hue
I Slowly Wake After A Night Of Being With You
You Did Not Stay Within My Arms, Nor Within My Bed
But Brushed My Dreams With Lovers Dust Instead
My Secret Love I Keep The Secret Deep Inside
My Love Is Real But In My Heart It Must Reside
As I Cannot Tell To That This Is How I Feel
Because Rejection By You I Could Not Deal
I Would Rather Die My Love By Knife Or Pill
Than Be Rejected By You This Alone Would Kill
My Soul Would Slip Away My Heart Would Break
Frozen Heart Stone Cold No More It Will Take
The Darkness All At Once Then Would Come For Me
As Forever Alone In Death Alone Again For Eternity
So As The Clock Chimes For Midnight Once Again
My Prince Of Love Will Come And Passions Dragon Will Be Slain
A Night Of Bliss And Happiness
If Only In Reality It Was This.