My eyes focused on the giant dark

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My Eyes Focused On The Giant Dark Figure
Who Seemed To Be Stretching Towards Me
Horrified At The Creature, I Moved Away
But, It Only Just Moved Closer And Closer,
Until It Had Me In Its Trap
The Figure Slipped Out Of His Robe,
And I Saw The Most Beautiful Face
With The Perfect Cheeks, Lips, Eyes
And What Else, Not So Intimidating
Breathing A Sigh Of Relief, I Smiled
And Asked, -ŗwho Are You?-
The Creature Smiled And Said,
-ŗsomeone Who Will Never Leave You-
I Laughed, -Å—that-‘s Impossible-
It Had To Be-Â…no One Had Ever Been There
No Friendship Was True, Love Was A Lie,
Nothing But A Vulture Waiting For Its Prey
Oh But It Is Possible,
Let Me Take Your Hand And Lead You Through
Let Me Take Your Hand And Show You Happiness-
Aah, Such A Beautiful Face It Was,
And I Couldn-‘t Help But Hold Out My Hand
The Creature Grasped It With Such A Force
That My Breath Was Knocked At Me
As I Hurled Forward Towards The Black Robe
-ŗw-Who Are You Again?- I Asked, Afraid
The Face Laughed, -ŗyour Death Of Course-
And Death Lashed Out Its Murderous Weapon,
Causing My Breath To Stop, And My Throat To Close Up
It Was The Worst Feeling, I Couldn-‘t Breathe
And My Lungs Needed Some Air To Be Free
I Coughed And Spit, Failing To Get Oxygen
And Then, A Calm Feeling Overtook Me,
As A Salty Substance Trickled Down My Mouth,
And I Closed My Eyes, Becoming Tranquilized
The Angel Of Death Laughed Again
As It Watched The Girl-‘s Soul Lift Out Her Body
The Spirit Turned Towards The Angel And Said
-Å—promise You Won-‘t Leave Me?-
And The Angel, -Å—of Course Not,
You And I Will Always Be Together-