My dreams are common everyday cloud in the sky like

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My Dreams Are Dreams
Common Everyday
Cloud-In-The-Sky Dreams
Like Everybody Else-‘s…

My Dreams Mean Nothing
Because I Mean Nothing
Because There-‘s
So Many Folk On This
Crazy Spinning-Top
And Then Just Little Me
Another Blade Of Grass
Another Face In
The Train Window
As It Rolls On Past…
But Even An Ant May Dream
His Little Insect-Dreams
Of Damper Soil
And Bluer Skies
So I’m Ok
As Long As It Doesn’t Hurt
As Long As It Doesn’t
Watch Me Go Mum
Watch Me Go Dad
I-‘m Chasing My Dreams!
A Day At A Time
And If I Fail
If I Fall
It Doesn-‘t Matter
My Dreams Are Dreams
Nothing More
Only Dreams
William Prothero