Mistakes are done by us us being

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Mistakes Are Done
By Us.
Us Being Humans
Who Live Life
In Strange Circumstances
And Weird Ways
Which Is One In Which One Feels Stranded
And Pretends To Live For Others
Whom One Calls As Family
As Surrounded We Are By Them
Which Is Just A Side Which Is Known
To The World
In Which We Appear As Respectable
Or Disrespectable
Which Is Why Life Is Mistake
For Some
Which They Lived In Hidden Side
Which Is Hidden From All
As The Faces Are Two
Which Are Unidentifiable
Since They Don-‘t Match The Characters
Which Are Reflected In One
And Something Else In The Other
Which Is A Being Towards Another
Who Was Sweet
As Well Sour
With One
And When Things Became Changed
One Changed Too
To Forget The Other
Which Is The Method
Repeated Which Is In Stories
Of One Another
As At Last
One Asks Leave Me Alone
Will You?
Which Baffles The Other As He Wanted To Hold On Forever
Till Discovered Were Facts Which Cleared The Pictured
As Needed Wasn-‘t Him
As A Mistake He Was
Which Was Done
In The Life Lived Secretly
Which Wasn-‘t Revealed To World
Since He Meant Nothing
But A Faded Picture.
Rohit Sapra