Love me as i thee if kissed

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Love Me As I Love Thee-Â…
If I kissed you, would you push me away and
If I was to say I-‘m leaving would you beg me
To stay, please hold me forever and make the
Tears fade away, blue eye-‘s of heaven that never
Stray, the love in your eyes lessens the pain I feel
Love, so a friend says to me, overused statement in
Today-‘s society, pity the world where that comes to
Be, for when I say I love you, it-‘s with all that I am you
See, my heart and my soul burning to the core of me,
Loving you with all it-‘s sweet intensity, the poetry that
Is your love to me, better to live those moments in a
Blinding flash that all can see, than to live a life of
Conformity, where the light slowly fades from your
Life into non entity, the future is brighter than that for
You and me, love me as I love thee-Â…
andrew mark wilkinson