Love as i sit here listening the

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As I Sit Here Listening As The Rain Falls
I Look At The Window Raindrops Rolling Down,
Thoughts Of You Take Over My Mind.
The Comfort It Gives Me Reminds Me Of Times We Shared,
Times When You And I Sat Down Holding Each Other
Closely And Tight, Listening To The Sound Of The Waves
Rolling Softly In And Out The Shore.
The Gentle Breeze Feels Like The Touch Of Your Hands
When You Caress Me, And As I Walk Beneath The Rainy Sky
Droplets Run Down My Cheek Feeling Like
Tears Falling From Heaven Above,
Reminding Me Of The Kisses You Laid Upon My Lips
Soothing My Soul With Its Cooling Touch.
Embracing Me Deeper With Desires To Have You
Entwined Within Me, As The Rain Falls.