Like a deep ocean youre way bound

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Like A Deep Ocean You-‘re A Way
Like A Bound Of Love
Between Us That Always Stay
Like The Stares Up On The Sky
So Shiny And True Our Love Will Stay
Forever Like Them Too
The Wind Out Side That Never Ends
Our Love Will Be Like Them
Hold And Stand The Music That Can-‘t Be Seen
But Hear No Matter Where We Go
My Love For U Is Like It
That Also Can-‘t Be Shown
If We Just Hold Hand In Hand
And Be Strong The World Can-‘t Tear Us A Part
Cuz We Fall In Love Did Not Do Anything Wrong
I Love U And I Know U Love Me Too
Hold Me Tight And I-‘ll Hold You
We-‘ll Be Strong And Have Fate In Our Love
THen Nothing The World Can Do