Let us drift to somewhere only we

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Let Us Drift To Somewhere Only We Know
And Kiss The Earthen Brackets Of Each Footstep We
Risked Uneven Breaths To Take,
Of Vows And Passion That Lain Beneath Our Eyes
That Bequeaths Every Touch Of Our Fingertips
As They Slowly Close Like Budding Petals Of Springtime
Or That Of The Gradual Falling Drops On Our Faces
While We Lingered Holding Hands In The Rain.
Yes, Fervor-‘s Brilliance Grew Too Well To Surpass My Hesitant Eyes
Moving About As I Stroke Your Head With The Guileless Emotion
I Never Intended To Expose, To You, At Least
In Irrational Fear Of Attachment To Someone I Just Met But Knew For A Lifetime;
But Underneath Blanketed Fixations Of Waking Up Next To Each Other
As You Slowly Open Your Eyes To Find Its Way Into Mine
Let Me Remind You, Dearest, Not To Plague The Frailty Of My Quintessence
For August Can Be Wonderful, But What About September