Last night i heard a star weeping

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Last Night I Heard A Star Weeping-Â…
I Wanted To Run Away For Not Hearing It Anymore
But I Didn’t Find A Finish Line To Put An End
To My Heeding.So I Remained Immovable,
With My Head Laid On A Cold Pillow
And The Echo Of This Weeping In My Ears -Â…
I Heard This Cry Originating From Far-Â…
And, Though I Wanted To, I Had Not Been Able
To Give It An Answer.
I Wanted To Take As Flight-Â… The Wind
But It Did Not Want To Transport Me
To The Source Of That Solitary Call-Â…
From Where That Star Wailed All Its Pain
To The Earth.
The Power Of The Sky Made Fun Of My Limits
Laughing At These Feet Of Mine-Â…
Which Without Wings,
So Piteously Anchored To The Earth,
Could Not Reach It-Â…
I Got Up From The Warmth Of The Bed
And Looked Out Of The Window
Searching For That Star That, With Its Cry,
Had Wakened Up The Slumber Of My Heart
Bringing Back Memories
Of Some Enfeebled Words From Beyond The Sea -Â…
Then I Understood That -Â…
There Are Pains That Poison The Heart
And That Laugh In Front Of Our Illusions-Â…
And Love, For Its Every Breath,
Always Asks In Exchange
A Fragment Of The Soul-Â…
I Threw Down To The Ground
This Desire Of Mine To Understand More
Knowing That Too Many Questions Die
Without Any Answer-Â…
And Too Many Answers Kill
What They Could Have Rescued…
How Many More Nights
Will Your Existence In My Silences
Bring The Agony Of A Weeping
That Can’t Get Placated-Â…?
How Many Words Does A Tear Contain-Â…?
How Many Tears Will Remain Dumb
While Meeting Their Destiny On The Floor