Just tell me how would i start

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Just Tell Me How Would I Start
Recounting All Those Days We Had
The Joy That We Found In Each Other
Gives Me The Hope Of A Better End.

You Were There In Times Of Sorrow
You Touched My Life Help Me Find Tomorrow
I Couldn-‘t Believe It-‘s True
But You Assured Me Will Make It Through
I-‘ve Believed In Everything You Say Or Do
I-‘ve Thought There Was Really Me And You
For You Fill The Emptiness Within
Which Inspires Me Of Living Then.
You Showed Me How To Feel
A Love Beyond Fear
You Said I Need Not To Worry
We Can Make It All The Way
You-‘ve Promised Honesty With Me
I Count On The Words You Say
That There You-‘ll Be In Loyalty
Spending The Day In Harmony!
We-‘ve Been Together For Always
Laughing, Chatting, Caring Under The Sun Rays
You Shown Me A Dream
A Dream I Thought Was Marmoreal!
The Days We Had Had Gone Like A Ghost
The Fairy Tale I Thought There Was
Has Vanished A Traumatic Caused
Leaving Me A Heart That Is Forever Bruised.