Just another reflection in mirror cracked the

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Just Another Reflection,
In Another Mirror.
Cracked In The Middle,
Breaking Into Pieces.
You Brought Me Up,
But As They Say;
‘What Goes Up Always Comes Down.’
You Left Me Broken On The Floor.
I’m Here Putting Myself Back Together.
Struggling To Fnd The Pieces.
Yeah The Pieces To My Now,
Scattered Jigsaw Puzzle.
You Brought Me Up,
But What Goes Up Always Comes Down.
You Left Me Stranded.
Hoping And Wishing On Shooting Stars.
You Had Me Wrapped Around Your Finger.
I Was Your Yo-Yo.
Til’ You Never Pulled Me Back.
Laying Here Broken Into Scattered Pieces.
I’ve Finally Broken Down.
So Wipe Your Hands And Walk Away,
Say What I Was Hoping Would Never Reach You Lips.
To Be Honest, I Liked Your Lying More Than Your Teasing.
I Guess I Have To Face The Truth Sometime,
That Time Being Now.
So Wipe Your Hands And Walk Away.
Say The Words I Was Hoping You’d Never Say.
I May Lie Myself,
Because Now I Know I’m Still Not Over You.
Isabella Swan