Jolting nerves running through our bodies numb

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Jolting Nerves Running Through Our Bodies Numb
Electricity Flowing Through Every Pour
Power Ebbing Too And Fro
Don’t Stop Me Now, It’s Time To Go

Time To Sleep And Slumber
Time To End The Wonder
Follow Me Not Into The Mist
For I Know Not Where The Roads Ends
Feel My Love Flowing Away
No Obligation To You
I Want No Fame
Good-Byes Are For Lovers And Not For Me
I Gave That Up A Long Time Ago
Didn’t You See?
Clouded Visions Are All Around Now
Past, Present, Future Fill My Eyes At Once
Tears Are The Looking Glass For These Visions
I Look Into Heaven And Start To Smile
For I Never Realized All The While,
How Beautiful Life Is Until The End,
And How Perfectly Painless It All Was