Ive never been the type to venture

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I-‘ve Never Been The Type
To Venture Out On My Own
Being By Myself Was Normal
I Never Felt Alone
But One Day The Sky
Didn-‘t Look So Blue,
Nor The Grass So Green.
Being By Myself Wasn-‘t Like
It Used To Be, It Seems.
Gradually I Made A New Friend
Who Knew Me Right Away.
It Was Weird How Quickly
She Understood All I Had To Say.
Told Her All My Innermost Secrets
My Dreams, My Thoughts.
She Never Disputed Me
I Liked Her A Lot.
She Never Judged Me,
She Knew Just How I Felt.
She Seemed To Just Accept Me,
And All The Problems I-‘d Been Dealt.
I Felt So Close To This Person
I Needed A Closer Look.
I Walked Up Nearer
And Realized That My New Best Friend
Was Nothing But A Mirror