It8217s time i go gotta stop running

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It’s Time I Go.
I Gotta Stop Running; It’s Been A Long Road.
I’m Tired & Exhausted; I’m Weak.
But You Already Know.

I’ve Loved You & Still Do.
Can’t Make You Love Me
Like I Love You.
Saying Goodbye To The Invision Of Us.
Goodbye So We Can Move On
Without Getting Hurt.
I Wish I Could Be What You Want.
But I’m Not.
Somewhere Down The Line We’ll Fit
But We’ll Both Be In Different Times.
Goodbye To The Closeness We Once Shared,
Your No Longer Mine.
Bye To The Thought Of Holding You Close
Someone Else Can Do Both.
Long Chats We’ve Had On The Phone.
Things I Can’t Talk About With Anyone Else.
I Can’t Let You That Close Anymore
Not Until My Heart Heals.
Goodbye To Wishing You Were Mine.
Lost In Someone Else’s Time.
Lying In Bed; Life Is Dead.
Your Looking Sad & Holding Your Head.
Phone In Hand; Making New Plans.
And So It Goes, As Goodbyes Do
It Doesn’t Mean I Stop Loving You
For Time Away Heals The Pain
For Time Heals Hearts; As Season’s Change
And Hearts That Heal Can Start Over New
Goodbye My Love
Goodbye To You.
Written By Jenny Calla-Nickerson