Its near 28th day i havent done

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Its Near 28th Day,
I Haven-‘t Done Wishing,
I Haven-‘t Found The Piece Of My Dreams
What Was Once A Fantasy, Remain Still
It-‘s Getting Near My Patience-‘s Limit.
Its Near The Day, Yet So Far The Chance,
It-‘s A Little Princess Dream,
Whose Heart Never Meet Its Match,
The Feeling I Always Wanted To Catch.
It Must Be Fate-Â…
Oh-Â…. Fate.. So Stingy
I-‘m So Jealous; I Never Became Its Friend,
I Have Heard A Million Songs,
I Have Watch A Hundred Love Story,
I Have Written A Few Love Poetry
Yet, Am Still An Innocent Believer,
No Matter How I Long For The Coming Days,
Just To Meet Him, Still A Longing That-‘s So Tiring
I Had A Night Dream,
A Face With Little Identity,
In The Quietness Of My Sleep,
He Would Pass,
It Happened Many Times,
I Don-‘t Know Why!
He Never Tells Me Yet.
Oh God-Â…. Prepare My Heart,
To Something I-‘ve Never Been.
Its Near 28th Day,
I-‘m Counting The Days,
That I Will Get The Chance
To Hold The Hands, To Touch The Face
Of The Man In My Dreams,
Who-‘s Holding Me For 27 Long Days.