It started with a message they chatted

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It started with a message.
They chatted -N- then they meant.
She was captured by his sweet words and his glowing blue eyes.
Thinking nothing could go wrong.
He was caring and sweet with‚  something he was hiding.
She tried to be tough,‚  but at the same time she needed him.
She thought he wouldn’t do no wrong.
Until the day she was trapped in his plan.
They got marred on a nice fall day.
He acted so sweet and loving,
Then his hidden anger came out in a smell fight they had,
He hit her, -N- held a knife to her -N- scad her.
At that moment her life was in his hands.
She was more scad then ever.
She had never thought that he would ever do no wrong.
But she still stayed with him, knowing he could do it again.
Why did she stay? It was because she thought she wasn’t strong to live her life without him.
One day she got the strength to break free -N- become strong to live life with out him.
She once knew he was caring -N- loving.
With the help of her family, She left and realized she could do it on her own.
She was still young and very pretty.
Now‚  no one thought that this girl would of grow up and be a loving women she had become..
No more will she ever have to hide.
Her life was just starting to just begin
Her eyes will no longer hide the pain
Her voice is full of joy once again
And she smiled with no fear!
by weirdchild19‚