It started with a look then little

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It Started With A Look
Then A Little Grin,
Then We Finally Got To Talking,
We Went To A Dance,
And Didn-‘t End Up Dancing,
You Said You Owed Me So I Agreed,
We Got A Bit Shy,
Then Didn-‘t Really Talk,
So I Got Your Number Off Your Friend Instead,
I Text You,
You Text Me Back,
I Really Like It When We Chat,
I Added You,
You Added Me,
We Talked For Hours And Hours On End,
You Said You Were Tipsy,
But I Knew You Were Drunk,
You Got Into A Fight With Your Dad,
You Punched A Wall,
You Couldn-‘t See,
But You Still Managed To Talk To Me,
I Told You I Liked You,
You Asked How Long For,
But That Doesn-‘t Matter,
Its Been A While,
That I-‘ve Liked You For,
But You Didn-‘t Know,
Neither Did Anyone Else,
I Kept It A Secret For All This Time,
But I-‘ve Told You Now
And I Hope You Don-‘t Tell A Soul,
I Love You Gawjus