In wilderness of great expanse lets wander

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In Wilderness Of Great Expanse
Let-‘s Wander Out, And Out, And Out, And Out
In Wilderness In Wilderness Of Great Expanse: No Doubt
Let-‘s Walk Together, Hand-In-Hand
In Green Pastures; In Lands Of Sand
On Hills; In Caves; In Groves, In Fields
Let-‘s Watch Athwart What Nature Yields
Let-‘s Walk Together, Side-By-Side
With Hearts Moon-Wide And Heads Sun-Wide
Let, Hands Be Blessed: -‘round Waists And Necks
On Waists:‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  As If, Our Cummerbunds
On Neck: As If, Scenting Garlands
Let-‘s Live: These Sweet Moments, In Glee
What Dwells, Now, In Our Deeps? Let-‘s See
I-‘m Afraid Of, What I Fore-See
You-‘ll Hardly Find A Time, For Me
Let-‘s Live: What We Have In Our Charge
Our Duties To Ourselves: Discharge
Let-‘s Sail Earnestly, Honestly
Let-‘s Share Ourselves Let-‘s Share Our Glee
Let-‘s Shape Ourselves: For Each Of Us
Let-‘s Make Ourselves: For Each Of Us
These Garlands: And, These Cummerbunds
In Fact, Are Our Unending Funds
Let-‘s Wander Out Let-‘s Wander In
Let-‘s Wander In Let-‘s Wander Out
In Wilderness Of Great Expanse