In the hangar lingering about going away

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In The Hangar, Lingering About,
Going Away To Fight The Good Fight,
Lovers Embracing Each Other Ever So Tight,
Relatives Savoring A Loved One’s Last Sight.
The Sound Of Mourning And Encouragement Echo About,
Husbands Telling Wives, ‘I’ll Only Be Gone For A While,
So Don’t Let Yourself Lose Your Wonderful Smile.’
Fathers Kneeling Down To Kiss Young ‘Uns Goodbye,
Saying, ‘Daddy’ll Be Fine, Don’t You Cry.’
All Saying, ‘I’m Only Going Away For A Little While,
It’s Just My Time To Run That Long Mile.’
Standing Together, Holding Each Other Tight,
As Those Fathers, Those Husbands Go Off To Fight Their One Last Fight.
A Man And His Kids, A Father And His Children,
A Man And A Woman, A Husband And His Wife,
All Weeping, As He’s Going To A Place Where He Could Lose His Life.
Soon To Be A World Apart, Stitched Together By The Sky,
Knowing That This May Be The Very Last Time That They See Each Other Cry.
Hearts Searing As They’re Called Off To War,
Separation Can They Bear No More,
Yet, They Know What They’re Waiting For.
As Time Goes By, Those Lovers Do Their Wait,
The Absence Of Touch And Sight, They So Ferociously Hate.
As Time Goes By, The Families Impatiently Wait,
Yearning The Day When Their Loved Ones Will Walk Back Through The Gate.
Letters And Emails Go Back And Forth,
The Sentiment They Carry Beyond Words’ Worth,
Some Carry Pictures, To Husband From Wife,
Some Naughty, Some Nice.
Others Words Of Woe And Love,
Inducing Happiness And Pain, Love’s Ultimate Price.
Hearing Stories Of Inhumanity And Frustration,
Families Listening As The Men Speak Of Their Hope Of Returning To Their Beloved Nation.
Often Waiting By The Phone, Wondering If It Will Sing Any Time Soon,
Wives More Intense, Waiting For Their Husband’s Sweet Tune.
Watching The News Every Day,
Crying Everytime The Number Of Dead Appear,
The Only Thing They’re Able To Do Is Pray,
Looking Out Windows, Watching Sulken Uniforms Knock On Grief’s Door,
As They Sadly Deliver News Of How He Passed And What For.
Doing Their Best To Comfort The Disbelieving Wife,
And The Young ‘Uns Watch, Not Understanding That Their Father Lost His Life.
And When The Day Arrives,
That The Nation Welcomes Back Those Who Survived,
Crying Can Again Be Heard,
Only Not Of Sadness But Of Joy And The Unspoken Word,
For Those Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, And Marines Can Again Father Their Children,
For Those Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, And Marines Can Again Love Their Wives,
For Those Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, And Marines Can Now Again Live Their Lives