In every duel theres losers and winners

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In every duel there-‘s losers and winners,
Alas! What part of the game do you play?
Adamant I shall be the prey.
What lure this demonic forces,
In their preying eyes? It must be my allure.
Someone also is preying them double circuit.
What a hell! What a life.
In circles I am going through tribulation,
This demons is down pouring to my emotion.
Why this evil coming over me?
Like a maggot, wants my decay,
Please fly away.
What are you looking for?
I have no nuggets of gold,
I am poor drinking in the pool.
Don-‘t tie me in the tree,
I am free, unlike you,
I must cry, I must confess,
I am free indeed.
By the one; who is crucified by the tree.
You must have loved me,
Even when my life is crowded
And no way to turn,
You turned around
And picked me up from the ground,
You have cleansed me
With the blood of Jesus,
Purer than the spring rain.
I must confess,
I don-‘t always get the cure,
But you have lured me
To come back to your arms
The lover of my own heart.
You have always loved me,
From dirt I came
Now I must be knocking at your door,
When I feel am hitting the floor,
You have been my forever more.
Tess Rockenstire