I8217m sitting here feeling blue trying to

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I’m Sitting Here Feeling Blue,
Trying To Cope W/the Fact That We’re Threw.
We Began Seeing Each Other
Exactly A Month Ago Today.
Is There Anything I Could Do Or Say?
That-‘ll Make You Stay?
I Know We Haven’t Been Together Long,
But It Such A Short Amount Of Time Our Feelings Are Extremely Strong.
Neither One Of Us Has Ever Been Lucky When It Came To Real Love,
Is That Why We Fit Perfectly Like Smooth Isotoner Gloves?
I Know You We’re Reluctant To Decide Which To Turn,
But When I Demanded Answers,
It Was Me You Left W/another Hard Lesson To Learn.
Yes I Know You Tried As Long As You Could To Keep Me Holding On,
But Realized For You To Have Your Cake & Eat It Too Would Be Hypocritically Wrong.
Thinking You’re Doing The Right Thing But Giving Her Another Chance Yet Once Again,
While Jeopardizing The Relationship W/a True Confidant, Lover, Soul Mate, & Friend.
In The End Can You Tell Me Who Really Wins?
Now We Both Have A Big Hole In Our Heart
By Your Tearing Us Apart.
You Made Me Love You By Just Being You.
So Loving, Caring, & Sexy
Your Bright Smile Can Lighten The Entire Galaxy.
You-‘re Handsome & You’re Strong
Come Home To Me Where You Belong.
I’ll Welcome You W/open Arms
And Show You A Lifetime Of Love As Well As Shelter You From Harm.
by Devilicious‚