Im on my bed painful things in

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Im On My Bed
Painful Things In My Head
Im Just Thinking The Last Thing
You Said
It Hurt My Soul

When I Was With You
I Felt So Whole
Now Im Alone
So Cold Lying In
My Bed At Home
You Said I Love You
I Said It Back
Now Look At Us
We Are So Far Away
You Said We’ll Be Together One Day
Im Still Alive
But Have No Heart
Ive Got Not Love To Give
So I Wonder Whats The Point If I Live
I Use To To Allways Be Their For You
Sit Next To You When You’re Crying
On The Street, I Got So Close
I Could Hear Your Gentle Heart Beat
I Loved You So Much
Now Im Like A Bat
I Just Stay Hidden Till Night
Im To Hurt To Enter The Light
I Want To Have A Good Life
But I Can See The Grim Reaper
With His Scythe Waiting To Take
My Life
You’re The One Who Can End This Pain
Put That Gun To Me Head
Do It Now And Do It Fast
Then I Will Drop
Drop Down Dead….
by dark-emo