If you dont have a point cant

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If You Don-‘t Have A Point You Can-‘t Argue,
Judgment For You Is Waiting In The Queue;
You Don-‘t Want To Give Up But It-‘s Not In Your Hands,
Because You Went On Too Many Errands;

Try Not To Be So Stubborn,
I Know You Are Angry But Please Don-‘t Frown;
It-‘s Hard To Be In A Fight With You,
Because Every Second I Think You Are True;
It-‘s Pointless To Fight On Trifle Things,
Because In The End, Nothing It Brings;
Life Is A Game We All Need To Play,
But Sometimes You Feel It-‘s Just Made Of Clay;
And That-‘s What Puts You In Dismay,
I-‘m Sorry, But There Is No Other Way;
I Stick To My Word Because It-‘s My Pride,
I-‘ll Take Every Challenge In My Stride;
Life Is Not A Joke I Can Feel It Today,
I Can-‘t Sit Here And Just Let It Sway;
Principles In Life, Like My Father Said,
I-‘ll Follow Them, I-‘ll Stick It Up My Head;
I-‘ll Try To Live Even If I-‘m Dead,
And That-‘s The Mystery One Has Never Read;
I May Not Know Much About You,
But Somehow We Are All The Same;
If We Do Not Accept This Fact As True,
Then We Are All Just Sick And Lame;
All I Want To Tell You Is,
What You See Ahead, Please Don-‘t Miss;
I May Not Live For Quite Long,
But As Long As I Live Nothing Will Be Wrong;
We All Have Our Lives, Just Got To Make It Great,
Take My Hand, I-‘ll Help You Before It-‘s Too Late;
Together We Can Reach -Ë—impossible-‘
Everything From Then On Will Look Plausible-Â…
by greenblood‚