If i could see the world in

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If I Could See The World In A Different Way Here’s What I Would Do
I Would Cast Away My Flesh And Bones For Energy Pure And True
I Would Take In Everything Around
From The Petals Of A Flower Right Down To The Ground
From The Top Of A Maple To Its Very Roots,I Would Find Out What It’s All About.
I Would Attach Myself To Butterfly Wings And Flutter My Day Away
I ‘D Immerse Myself With Dolphins Feeling The Water As I Swim All Day
I Would Capture The Essence Of A Yellow Rose,And Scatter Myself In The Air
I Would Travel To The Stars And Back And The Suns Rays I Would Share
To A Mountain Top I Will Rise And Taste The Driven Snow
And Slide Right Down The Other Side As Part Of Springs Thawing Flow
On Salmons Scales I Would Sing My Tune Floating Upstream
Capture The Darkside Of The Moon And Visit My Inner Dreams
On Eagles Wings I Would Touch The Clouds Catching Rainbows In My Veins
To Glide And Soar On Thermal Winds Above The Grassy Plains
And When I Return To My Previous Form I Surely Hope I Will Be
A Better Person For It, One With The Vision To See
by walkb99rhyme