I8217d rather bottle my feelings than spare

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I’d Rather
Bottle My Feelings
Than Spare Your Pride
Rather Cater Your Emotions
Than Let Me
Announce You As “Sensitive”
Rather Make Fun And Games
About Your Attitude
Than Get You Upset
Rather Sugarcoat
The Do’s And Dont’s
Than Destroy
Our Love’s Nest
I’d Rather
Talk You Into
Settling Down
Than Holding You
In Your Worse Times
Rather You
Go Through The Flames
By Yourself
Than Your Heart
Becoming Congruent With Mines
Rather We’d Treat
These Moments With Care
Than Waste Precious
Since Tomorrow Is Never Promised
I’d Rather
Reflect On The Pros
Instead Of The Cons
Rather Accept You
And Think Of You As The One
Though Lovers Come And Go
I’d Rather Keep You As My Prize
Because My Reaction
Sometimes Is In Disbelief
I’d Rather
You Stay Blunt
Than Tickle My Emotions
Rather You’d
Continue To Act Petty
Than We Go Through The Motions
And Though It May Seem False To Others
It’s Just Something
We’ve Formed
So That We Can Grow