I wished upon a star one night

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I Wished Upon A Star One Night,
For Someone Just Like You.
My Guardian Angel Smiled Above
And Said He’d See What He Could Do.

One Fateful Day,
In Early May.
Angel Brought Me Here To You.
It Felt So Grand And Sudden To
That Came Right Out Of The Blue.
And Now We’re Close
I Love You Most
But Yet I Know Its Just A Dream.
I Soon Cant Stand It Anymore
I Think I Just Could Scream.
But When I Look Into Your Eyes,
I’m Always Taken By Surprise.
Your Eyes So Soft And Deep,
Your Chocolate Orbs I See So Much
I Wish For Me To Keep.
Ever Since That Day In May
I Cant Seem To Keep Myself Away
Because When I Look Into Your Eyes
I’m Always In For The Surprise.
Molly Lenehan