I wish could tell you how much

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I Wish I Could Tell You How Much I Love You,
I Love You Very Much-Â…
I Love You And When I Close My Eyes, I Long To See You.
Even When You Are Not Near Me,
I Feel You In Everything I-‘m Surrounded By
Every Second-Â…. Every Minute-Â….. All The Time-Â…..
My Eye Search For Only My Dear Love
Call It Love, Madness Or Just My Heartbeat-Â…..
It-‘s The Same Thing For Me.
A Lot Of People Have Loved Before-Â….
But My Love Stands Apart From All Of Them Because
They Don-‘t Have You.
I Can Never Forget You; I Don-‘t Want To Forget You.
You Are Mine And I Will Love You Forever
I Will Love Till I Die -Â….. And Even After That!
When You’re So Far Away
I Think Of You Every Night
When On Bended Knee I Pray
Praying For You To Be With Me
And Make Our Dreams Come True
I Am Surrounded By Your Love
And Give Mine All To You
You Are The One I’ve Waited For
You Are The Best To Be
I Have Waited For So Long
For You To Be With Me
But ,I Just Need You Here
To Hug You Ever So Tight
I Want You Surrounded In My Arms
And Hold You Through The Night
This Passion That I Have For You
Will Last Till Time Is Through
There Is Not Doubt Within My Heart
To Spend Eternity With You