I was so addicted to just the

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I Was So Addicted To
Just The Thought Of You
You Will Remember Me
Because You Forgot To See
You Should-‘ve Seen
Just What We Could Be
Right Up In Your Face
You Could Almost Taste
I Can-‘t Believe Were Threw
But I-‘ll Remember You
The One I Couldn-‘t Feel
Whose Heart I Couldn-‘t Steal
I Can-‘t Believe Its Real
You Were Like My Only Meal
But Now You-‘re Definitely Gone
And So I Write This Song
If You Only Knew What You Did To Me
I Wish You Could-‘ve Seen
My Heart You Wouldn-‘t Believe
Now I Cant Feel
I Guess It Wasn-‘t Real
I-‘m So Over You
And Now I’m Glad Were Threw
The Person I Once Knew
Is Just Another View