I used to look up you thought

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I Used To Look Up To You,
I Thought You Were So Touch To Reach,
I Knew I Won’t Reach To You,
I Won’t Even Be Close.
The Way You Used To Act,
It Made You So Perfect,
You Were Always Right,
And Never Were You Wrong.
I Tried Hard To Be Like You,
Or At Lest A Bit Like You,
But It Was Always Useless,
‘Cause I Thought You Were So Pure.
But When We Left Each Other,
I Started To See The Real You,
You Aren’t Perfect At All,
Nothing Like Close.
Now I Saw That I Was The Right One,
And Made It Like It Was You,
‘Cause I Wanted To Feel That You Were Right,
In Every Single Word.
I Thought I’d Be Vain Without You,
But Now I Knew You Are Nothing Without Me