I used to be a manager at

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I Used To Be A Manager At Walgreen-‘s
And Of Course Customer Service Was First
I Did My Best To Make Everyone Happy
But I Had One Day That Was The Worst

I Was Running A Cash Register
We Were Really Busy That Day
If I Remember Correctly It Was Around A Holiday
I Should Have Just Been A Stocker
A Woman Came Through My Line
I Could Tell She Was A Foreigner
She Was Very Pleasant Throughout The Transaction
Until The End When Her Mood Was Altered
She Gave Me Her Credit Card
As A Policy We Looked At The Name
I Don-‘t Remember Her First Name
But Her Last One Has Burned In My Brain
The Spelling Was Not What It Sounds Like
In English It-‘s Not Very Nice
I-‘ll Spell It Out For You
And I-‘m Sure You Will Figure It Out
S-H-I-T-H-E-A-D Was The Way It Was Spelled
And Being So Busy That Day
I Thanked Her Just As I Read It
And After Saying It Knew I Made A Huge Mistake
She Snatched It Out Of My Hand
And Glared At Me With Contempt
It-‘s Pronounced Shi-Todd
And Out The Door She Went
Needless To Say I Was Quite Embarrassed
Because Every Other Customer Around
Heard Me Call This Lady
Something Very Profound
I Told The Store Manager Of My Mistake
In Case This Lady Called In
He Told Me Not To Worry About It
For He Had Done The Same Thing Last Week.