I thought my words were just letters

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I Thought My Words Were Just Letters On A Page
They Had No Meaning, Love, Laughter Or Rage
You Read Them And Felt That There Was Real Pain Inside Me
I Said To Myself. Those Are Just Words, Not My Reality
So I Read Them Again, And Said This Poem Is Called ‘Untitled’ As Of Yet
The Word Lost Came To Mind, And I Sat Down And Wept
I Sat And I Cried Til There Were No More Tears Left To Flow
What I Couldn’t See, Took One Look For You To Know
My Life Is A Shell Of What It Used To Be
I’ve Lost All The Zest Of Lifes True Beauty
Where Do You Go To Be Happy Again?
Is It Through A Lover, Family Member Or Friend?
Maybe I Just Need An Ear So I Can Let This Pain Out
I Just Want To Talk, Too Tired To Shout
Sometimes I’m So Tired, I Just Want To Sleep
But I’m Afraid I Might Slip Down Too Deep
So I Live Day By Day Behind My Own Smile
I’ll Continue To Take Small Steps Until I Cross That Last Mile