I thought loved you but my heart

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I Thought
I Loved You,
But My Heart
Only Broke A Little More.
My Heart Still Aches
But I Guess I
Should Let You Go.
It’s Now Or Never.
I Feel So Alone,
And At Times I Miss
Your Arms Around Me
And Tears Hit The Floor.
I Feel So Alone
And No One Else Can
Understand The Pain I Hold
And I’m So Lost And Confused.
I’m Slowly Getting Over You
And It’s Probably For The Best
Even Though My Heart Still Hurts
I Know Your Not Worth My Tears.
Now Time Passes
And I Walk The
Halls In A Daze
Looking For The Right One.
I Still Feel Alone And
Sometimes I Cry
But Not Over You My Dear,
You Dont Get That Satisfactory.
All I Want Is
For My Love
To Hold Me Tight
And Say, ‘It’s Gonna Be Ok’
I Wait For That
Day, And Try
To Be Strong
But I Fall.
And Even Though God Is By My Side,
I Need You Here Too.
And I’m Trying Not
Let The Pain Get To Me.
All I Want Is For A Guy To
Be Careful With My Heart,
Is That To Much To Ask?
Instead Of Leaving It Lie In Pieces.
I’m Waiting For
Him, My True Love,
As Silent Tears
Hit The Floor