I still remember the first time your

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I Still Remember The First Time,
Your Hand Wiping Away My Tears, Keeping The Rhyme
You Kept My Heart From Shattering To Pieces
You Kept My Pain From Breaking My Soul
Your Love Showed Me The Right Way
Your Kindness Helped Me With What I Had To Say
Without You, I Am Sure To Have Died
I Would Have Been A Living Corpse Away Shied
But, God Shined His Sunlight Towards Me
With That Light, I Caught Your Angelic Face,
Ready, Oh So Ready, To Stand By Me
I Still Remember The Days When I Struggled
I Thought I Was A Failure, I Was So Troubled
No One Wanted To Stand By My Side
No One Wanted To Get Caught Helping
But You, You Were There From The Beginning
Just When I Thought -Å—i-‘ve Had It!-
You Came As My Savior My Angel
My Knight In Shining Armor
I Will Always Be Grateful