I stand here alone calling out to

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I Stand Here Alone
Calling Out To You
You Are Somewhere
Up In The Sky So Blue.
Once Upon A Time
You Were By My Side
Always Together
Until The Day You Died

You Lost Your Life
I Lost Your Love
The Day You Returned
To Heaven Above
We Were So Happy
Everything Was Great
But For Our Love Story
It Is Just Too Late
From Smiles To Tears
Laughter To Severe Pain
You Were Taken From Me
Just Another Brother Slain
The Neighbours Whisper
You Deserved To Die
A Boy From The Hood
Selling Drugs To Get By
You Were A Good Kid
Just Trying To Get Paid
So You Could Escape
A Lifetime Of Being Afraid
You Were Not A Thug
Just A Boy Who Dreamed
Who’s Life Was Cut Short
Before His Sins Redeemed
When We Were Alone
You Were So Much Fun
So Hard To Believe
That You Packed A Gun
The Streets Raised You
And Got You Shot Dead
Someone You Grew With
Filled Your Body With Lead
At 22 Your Life Cut Short
All Over An Unpaid Debt
The Image Of Your Body
That Day I Just Cant Forget
Your Homies Poured Out
A Little Liquor In Your Name
For Another Brother Lost
In The Search For Fame
I Found Out I’m Expecting
A Precious Gift From You
In Just Three Months Time
Our Darling Baby Is Due
I Will Raise Him To Know
His Daddy Was A Rider
Doing All That He Could
To Be A Good Provider
It Is So Hard Without You
But Life Has To Go On
I Have A Purpose Now
I Must Raise Our Son
I Miss You So Bad Baby
I Want You To Come Back
I Love You With All My Heart
Was Not Ready For This Attack
Now You’re Gone Forever
I Can Only Visit Your Grave
Just Another Brother
The Ghetto Couldn’t Save.