I sit here and think of just

I Sit Here And Think Of Just How Lucky
I Am To Have You In My Life How God Blessed Me With You.
I’m Still Trying To Figure Out What I Did To Deserve You.
I Never Knew What Love Was Until I Met You.
Just When I Thought I Couldn’t Love You Anymore
I Fall In Love With You All Over Again.
Last Night, I Looked Up At The Stars
And Matched A Reason Why I Love You.
With Each One I Saw I Was Doing Great But I Ran Out Of Stars.
I Want You To Know How Much I Love You.
You Mean The World To Me…And More.
I Think About You Day And Night.
I Miss You When You’re Not Around.
I Could Never Say Enough To Tell You How Much I Love You.
Anyone Can Tell Me They Love Me,
But It Wouldn’t Mean Anything If Didn’t Come From You.
I Can’t Explain This Feeling That I Have Inside Me.
I Can’t Stop Thinking About You.
I Wake Every Morning Thinking Of You.
Wondering What You’re Doing And Where You’re Going.
You’re So Special To Me And You Have No Idea How Much.
I Get Butterflies In My Stomach When I Think Of Being With You.
If I Could I’d Hold You Forever In My Arms.
You Love No One Else But Me.
You Love Me For Me And Nothing Else.
You Make Me Feel Something I Can Never Describe.
There Will Never Be Another Girl Like You.
I Just Wish You Knew How Special You Are To Me.
I’ll Never Hurt You In Any Way.
You Are The Only One I Want To Be With.
You Are The Sweetest Girl I Have Ever Met.
When I Am Sad, You Always Have A Way Of Making Me Smile.
Thank You For Being There For Me
And For Listening Whenever I Needed Someone To Listen.
You Are My Bestfriend And My Love.
I Will Always Be Here For You,
No Matter If We Are Together, Or If We’re Apart.
And You Will Always Be With Me Right Here In My Heart
It’s Where I’ll Always Keep You.
If It Was My Choice, We Would Be Together Right Now.
I Wouldn’t Let Anything In The World Keep Us From Being Together.
My Whole Life Has Changed Since You Came In…
I Knew Back Then You Were That Special One…
I’m So In Love Deep Inside My Heart Is Where I’ll Always Keep You Forever.
You Made My Life Complete You’re My Wish Come True.
You And I Are Two Halves Of One Heart. You Are The Love Of My Life.
I’m So In Love With You I Can’t Believe That
Something Like You Happened To Me. I Love You So So So So Much.

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