I see you from a far my

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I See You From A Far
My Heart Yearns To Be Where You Are
It So Aches…
To The Point I Can No Longer Fake
Just The Thought Of Your Touch….
Would Mean Oh So Much..
To Hear The Whisper Of Your Voice
Oh If I Only Had A Choice…
I Feel My Body Tremble, As We Meet Eye To Eye…
My Heart Starts To Race As I Try Not To Cry…
All The Feelings For You
I Surely Cannot Denye…
Has Your Heart Gone A Stray?
Or Do You Still Think Of Me Day By Day?
We Let Other Chose Our Happiness
And Now All That Is Left Is Our Lonliness…..
If We Could Turn Back Time
I Would Surely Make You Mine
I Would Be More Then Just Your Friend
For That Is When My Heart Will Finally Mend
Though We Live Our Separate Lives, You’ll Always Have My Heart
For I Know From There‚  We’ll Never Spend A Day A Part