I remember the times when stood taking

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I Remember The Times
When I Stood Taking Pictures
Of The Brides And Grooms
My Mind Filled With Laughter
I Would Laugh Eternally At The Mistake
I Felt They Made
With Each Click Of The Shutter I Would Think
God, You Will Never Catch Me Standing At The Alter.
I Remember Listening And Laughing
As The Old Folks Would Say Adages Such As
Never Say Never
Anything Can Happen
I Can Still Hear My Grandma
As She Would Say
It Happens To The Best Of Us
One Day My Dear It Will Happen To You
And It Did
As I Stood There Camera In Hand
Feeling The Warm Summer Breeze
As It Wrapped Around My Body
I Began To Think
And Dream
I Stood Staring At
A Man And A Wife
As They Stood
Poised On The Stone,
Steps Of The Church
Thoughts I Had Never Had Before
Began Flowing Through My Mind
I Questioned My Past Feelings
Instead Of Laughter
My Mind Was Filled With
Maybes And What Ifs
I Began To Day Dream
Of The Perfect Man
One Who Would Never Give Up A Fight.
A Man Who Would Dry Away My Tears
While Telling Me To Overcome My Fears
A Man Who Would Love Me For Who I Am Inside,
A Man Who Will Still Be Standing By My Side,
Even Though Everything Has Gone Wrong
And Now As I Sit
In Some Small Room
I Begin
Wondering How Did I Get Here
Thinking About The Decisions I Have Made
Memories Of Our Past Come Flooding Back
Each Moment Of Sorrow
As I Turned My Back
Each Moment Of Joy
As I Stood In Your Arms Once Again
Are Fresh In My Mind.
Memories Of-Â….
The First Moment I Saw You
The Ragged Man On The Hill
Watching From A Respectful Distance
Nothing Seemed To Be In Your Way
Your Face Was Stern And Unforgiving
Yet Peaceful And Loving All In The Same Moment
I Dreamed Of How It Would Happen
The Moment You Would Walk Up To Me
Sweep Me Off My Feet
Announce Your Love To Me.
As You Walked Closer I Felt My Heart Flutter
My Mind Began To Race
You Didn’t Use Any Extravagant Phrases
Such As
I Have Come For You Madam
I Have Loved You In My Dreams
Instead As You Walked By
You Leaned Into My Ear
And Whispered In A Low Sweet Tone
A Tone I Had Never Heard Before
“Can You Feel It”
I Turned In The Light
Seeking Out Your Face
You Smiled And Left
I Had Never Seen That Smile Before
I Remember Laying In Bed That Evening
Looking Up At The Stars
To Re-Create Your Motives
And Your Movements
One Memory Quickly Fades Into Another
Like A Channel Changing On The Television
I Can Remember The Dark Day
When I Kept My Emotions Under My Sleeve
I Blocked Out The Screams Coming From My Heart
I Stood Strong Without Even A Quiver In My Voice
“I Cant Let This Go On”
“This Will Never Work”
“I Need To End This Before I Get Hurt”
I’d Almost Forgotten How Much I Cared
As I Stood There
You Never Criedlnbrk2restor