I need someone to care for me

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I Need Someone To Care For Me,
Deepest Desires Share With Me.
I Need Someone To Hold Me Tight,
Shelter Me From The Cold Of Night.
I Need Someone With Kisses Warm-
To Softly Guide Me Through The Storm.
I Need Someone Gentle And Mild,
Carefree And Innocent As A Child.
I Need Someone To Laugh And Smile,
Strong As Stone And Yet Fragile.
I Need Someone Tender And True-
To Decorate My Nights In Shades Of Blue.
I Need Someone Who’ll Understand-
I Need Someone To Hold My Hand.
Yet Someone With A Shadow Not So Long,
They Could Never Fully Appreciate My Song.
Someone Who’s Eyes I Can Stare Into,
Who’s Heart I Could Reach Forever Through.
Someone Who Can See All The Needs I Dream Of,
And Realize I Only Dream Of Their Love.